Your Childs First Doctors Appointment

Visiting a new doctor can be a scary experience for anyone of any age, but imagine what it’s like for a child visiting a doctor for the first time. What’s routine for an adult can seem like a horror movie to a child, since they have little or no say in what is going on and often do not know what is going to happen. Make things less stressful for your child by following these tips from 5 Minute Crafts.

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Children can be reluctant to let anything happen to them, even getting a basic examination. Giving the child a small toy can help distract the child long enough for a procedure or exam to be performed. Toys can help pass the time in a crowded waiting room. Many family doctors provide toys in their waiting rooms, but not all do. It is better to bring a toy since there may be several children in the waiting room and all will want to play with the toys.

Clogged Ears

Children often get ear pain and clogged ears. It can seem like forever waiting to get relief from a pediatrician. Place a paper cup over each child’s ear helps to relieve the pressure. Chewing gum also helps relieve some ear pain, but is still no substitute for seeing a doctor.

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