Useful Plumbing Tricks

This video discusses some useful plumbing tricks that plumbers use. One trick is to put an emergency shut-off in the garage. This allows the water to be shut off indoors without having to go outdoors to the main shut-off.

Video Source

The plumbing for the home in the video has been designed to make life easier for the homeowner. There is even a water softener loop which makes the water last longer. There is a device that allows the homeowner to have soft water inside their home.

The plumber has placed the shut-off valve for the dryer on the back of the cabinet beside the hook-up. This plumber has literally thought of everything regarding shut-off valves. Ensuring the homeowner has easy access to shut the water off in an emergency.

There is a hot loop for water circulation which has been installed close to the fixture itself. The plumber has quite a bit of experience and it is apparent. Everything, down to the delivery of hot water, has been carefully thought out. There is even a clean-out attached to the vanity with a pea-trap to ensure ease in cleaning clogs in the sink. This plumber has thought of everything in regards to the plumbing of this home.

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