What a Family Physician Is

In this video, you will learn about a family physician. One in five doctors visits is conducted by family physicians. 192 billion visits are made to these physicians every year.

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Family physicians are trained to treat almost any type of illness. Providing 80-90% of the care most people need. There are over 200,000 family physicians in the U.S. alone, which accounts for 48% of doctors around the world. The practice of family medicine dates back to the 60s when medicine started to become more specialized. The name comes from a holistic approach to medicine. Some are trained in pediatrics, while some are trained in osmotherapy. It all depends on the specific area of interest for the physician. On a daily, these physicians are trained to give referrals, diagnose people, and treat illness or injury. Furthermore, they provide lifestyle advice for preventive measures to help keep their patients healthier and prevent illness and injury. After years of school, they do a residency to ensure they can practice what they have learned. The residency takes at last three years, sometimes more before you can practice medicine on your own. If you are interested in learning more, keep reading for more information.

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