Your Guide to Post Bail

As the video notes, when you acquire a bond to pay someone’s bail, you need collateral, such as a house or car. That part of the fictional TV show Law & Order rings true. You need to follow a process for choosing your bond service instead of choosing the first name you see when you search for “post bail near me” or a similar term.

Choose your bond service wisely, considering all of their online reviews and paying special attention to what their former clients say about their honesty and customer service. Once you narrow down your list to about three services, phone each to explain your situation and find out their fees.

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Most bond services charge a 10% fee that you do not get back.

Avoid bond services that charge more or less than 10%. They either just opened and lack experience, or they operate illegally. Those two reasons account for the majority of bond services diverging from the 10% fee.

Make sure that the accused individual attends every court date. If the individual misses a court hearing, the person who put up the collateral for the bond loses it. That could mean your mother’s home or brother’s car becomes the bond service’s property, so attend every hearing.


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