Understanding Air Conditioner Replacement

A common replacement for any home, air conditioner replacement can be a complicated process if going in blind. Understanding the different steps in the process can make it simple to install a new air conditioner. If you do not have the proper equipment or knowledge, it is vital to find someone who does before beginning the process.

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The very first step will be to cut the power to the unit. Do not attempt to remove it if the power is still running to the machine, as this can lead to an electrical shock.

The next step is to remove the refrigerant, or coolant, from the old unit. Machines have the ability to not only remove, but recycle this refrigerant so that after the new machine has been installed it can be put back in.

The next step is the removal and in some cases replacement of the powerlines that run to the air conditioner. Because they are exposed to the elements, it is important that these lines are replaced after any noticeable sign of damage. Failure to replace these lines can lead to issues with the new unit running properly.

For additional information about air conditioner replacement, please review the attached video.


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