Should You Tell a Parent If Theyre Moving to a Memory Care Center?

Sometimes, when a person’s dementia has reached an advanced stage, they can’t take care of themselves independently. If your parent is in this situation, you may need to relocate them to a memory care center to ensure that they receive the care they need. This can be a difficult decision, and what makes it even harder is deciding whether or not to tell your parent that they’ll be moving.

In some cases, telling a parent that they’re moving to a memory care center will help them come to terms with this major life change. They’ll appreciate your openness and honesty and have an easier time adjusting when they move.

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In other cases, it may be better to avoid telling a parent that they’ll be going to a memory care center. Discussing this change will only cause them anxiety, and if their memory loss is advanced enough, they won’t even remember the conversation — meaning that it won’t help them mentally prepare for the move.

How you should handle the conversation surrounding your parent’s relocation depends on their personality and mental state. You probably know your parent better than most people do — use that knowledge to make a judgment call about what will best meet their needs.


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