Installing Exterior Shutters

This video from Home Depot describes the process of exterior shutter installation.

What are Exterior Shutters?
Shutters are vertical window dressings that go on the outside of your home. Generally, this is for show s it enhances the look of your property’s exterior. However, in some areas of the country susceptible to strong storms, shutters are used to protect the window from wind and debris.

How to Select Exterior Shutters
The type of shutters you purchase and install depends on their use.

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If they’re for show, then pick a color that works well with your siding. For instance, black shutters work well with grey or white siding. Don’t purchase ones that are the exact color of the exterior as they’ll simply blend in.

If they’re for practical use, then you can still purchase something stylish. However, they also need to be strong enough to withstand harsh conditions.

Should I Install Exterior Shutters?
Whether or not you work with a shutter installation service or do it yourself depends on your skill level and needs. Most of the time, all the windows on the front of your home need shutters. So, you might need a shutter installation service to reach higher areas.

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