Funeral for man who biked for charity

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WXYZ – TV Detroit, Channel 7 showed a touching, live stream funeral for a man who was celebrated by his fellow cyclists in a touching tribute that fit the legendary accomplishments of his life. Unfortunately, Kevin has passed away, but the impact and legacy he has left behind will be remembered for many years to come. Kevin Deegan was a hero and an example we should all follow. He suffered from cerebral palsy and had the use of only one arm and one leg, but that did not stop him from cycling thousands of kilometers over the years to collect money for charity.

The two main charities that benefited from Kevin’s efforts were “Make-a-Wish Foundation” and “Multiple Sclerosis Society of Michigan.” Every summer, he would participate in their organized cycling events in an effort to contribute as much as he could to others, despite his own disability. Such a show of selflessness and determination to help others won the hearts of many other cyclists who took part in the events. They became his friends, and he became their hero and inspiration when the going got tough along the route. Cycling routes that stretch many kilometers take a great toll on a body; even able bodied cyclists sometimes struggle to keep up the events’ pace and rigor. It was at least ten times harder for Kevin to complete the rides due to his disability, yet he never faltered or gave up. He was well respected and well-liked among his peers, as can be seen by the huge number of cyclists who turned up to pay their last respects to Kevin.

Seeing the hundreds of cyclists behind the hearse with Kevin’s casket was a truly touching sight for the onlookers. The cyclists followed the hearse right to the cemetery, where Kevin’s body was laid to its final rest. Giving their friend one last ride to remember the many times they cycled together with Kevin, encouraging him along the way. Kevin’s journey is a reminder that even if life gives us a raw deal, there is always something we can do to help other people. His example shows us what a caring human being is all about and how we can and should support each other in all walks of life. He will be missed by his family and the many people he touched along his great life’s journey. Rest in peace Kevin Deegan.

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