5 Tips On Creating A Breakfast Nook

We all want our kitchen to look their best. A kitchen is incredibly important as a functional room in the house, of course. It’s where we cook our meals and often where we can congregate together, interacting while we cook. But there is more to a kitchen than simply slapping a meal together. There’s a reason why many people, when touring a house, move first towards the kitchen to get an idea of what can be done there. But consider too the fact that a space in a kitchen actually expresses your personality, and can indeed set a tone for how a house’s decor and energy is perceived on a more general level. One reason why people place such a major emphasis on the kitchen is that it can be something of a showcase, a teaser for the rest of the house. It’s also where you can have the most important meal of the day, especially if you look into creating a DIY kitchen breakfast nook.

Do you eat breakfast? A lot of people don’t. It’s easy to put breakfast aside and forget about making it a priority, especially when you’re busy and have a lot to take care of throughout your day. But conventional wisdom, as well as some scientific studies, indicate that breakfast is vital to getting a good start in the day. Eating breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism when you need it to be at its most active. In fact, a survey from Food Insight indicates that 93% of all Americans agreed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, only 44% of Americans actually eat breakfast every day. One of the reasons why we don’t eat breakfast, of course, is that there isn’t a space in most kitchens that clearly calls out for it. If you had a nice breakfast nook, wouldn’t you feel more encouraged to sit down, relax, and eat breakfast? Creating a DIY kitchen breakfast nook doesn’t mean overhauling your kitchen or knocking down a wall. You can do a lot to create an awesome breakfast nook with the space and materials that you have right now, spending little on anything extra that you might need. Making a great breakfast nook is often about getting creative, and learning how to express your personality while at the same time creating a space that serves your practical needs. Let’s look more into how to make it happen below.

1. Go Antique Shopping

Surprisingly, you don’t have to spend a lot on fancy new furniture when creating your own DIY kitchen breakfast nook. In fact, a lot of people create excellent breakfast nooks by reusing furniture that already exists. Try going to an antique store to find a small table that would best suit your needs, or perhaps even a bench. The thing is that when creating a breakfast nook, you’ll want to use up as little space as possible, and often that’s best accomplished by using more antique, old-fashioned pieces rather than those that can more often be found at a modern furniture store. Now, the drawback of shopping at an antique store, of course, is that the pieces you do buy probably won’t match. You may have to put together an eclectic breakfast nook by mixing it up a little bit and drawing perhaps from a general look or era rather than creating a totally, perfectly cohesive space.

Now, you could still buy new furniture and create your DIY kitchen breakfast nook. But many find that shopping for older pieces allows them to better create a look that is cozy, charming, and personalized. If an antique store doesn’t quite fit your exact needs, you may want to get in touch with custom home building services. You may be working with limited space when creating your breakfast nook, and they in turn may be able to build custom furniture that suits your needs and those of the nook better than a typical furniture set would.

2. Choose A Backdrop

Of course, as you begin to plan for your DIY kitchen breakfast nook, you need to think about its backdrop. Do you want it to be cohesive with the rest of your kitchen? Or do you want it to somehow divide the nook from the rest of your kitchen? You can accomplish either look fairly simple. The more common way to create a different backdrop for your kitchen nook, of course, is simply through painting the wall. It’s important to consider a solid color to reduce interruptions in flow, and for that matter to consider warmer tones as well. Warmer tones create a pleasant atmosphere and is especially conducive to waking people up in the morning. Think about how much better you’ll feel about drinking your coffee and getting ready for work in the morning if you’re doing it all against a cheery yellow wall, rather than a nook draped in more muted tones. Much of this, of course, is dependent on personal taste and also on what types of shades would best coincide with the rest of your kitchen. Your entire kitchen doesn’t have to be painted with the same colors as your breakfast nook.

Of course, a solid coat of paint isn’t the only manner through which you can decorate your DIY kitchen breakfast nook. Think about wallpaper as well. Though wallpaper can go in and out of fashion, it can create a lovely, vintage atmosphere, whether you’re choosing stripes or a flower pattern. Though wallpaper is controversial to some, don’t forget that it’s often easier to replace than solid paint. Furthermore, you don’t necessarily have to stick with purely cosmetic backdrops. Think too about installing attractive cabinet doors in your breakfast nook, which can act not only as a background but a functional component of the nook where items and ingredients can be stored.

3. Clean Carefully

A breakfast nook is typically an area in which people need to make space, and this may mean creating in a part of your kitchen that isn’t normally inhabited, or for that reason, cleaned as often as it should be. This is why a lot of people find themselves needing to do some heavy lifting before moving to create a DIY kitchen breakfast nook. The first thing that you should do is make sure that it’s clear of all insects or other pests. Because the fact is that if you aren’t careful when creating your breakfast nook, using ant control spray and various other bug repellents, you could end up with a space that isn’t exactly suitable for eating any kind of meal, let alone a pleasant breakfast. Another issue that you should consider is making sure that there isn’t any mildew in the area, as that can easily grow out of control.

When you’re making breakfast for your DIY kitchen breakfast nook, you may find yourself dealing with a lot of trash over time. This is why you need a system in place, ideally close to the nook. A lot of people like to keep their trash cans in spaces underneath the cabinet, as that will keep it out of sight and mind. The last thing you want is to look at trash while eating breakfast. Creating a nook in the kitchen may require moving your trash cans around a little bit, not only to make space but to create a more aesthetically pleasing area for you to eat and relax within.</p.

4. Consider An External Update

The last thing that anyone needs is a breakfast nook that looks one way while the rest of their kitchen looks another way. After all, even if you’re handling your breakfast nook largely on your own, you don’t have to deal with it looking that way. That’s one reason why a lot of people may want to work with a professional kitchen remodeling company when planning out their breakfast nook. But that’s not necessarily required. While creating a breakfast nook is a great opportunity to update your kitchen in general, you still need to be careful when doing so. Unless you’re ready to commit to the financial aspects of an overhaul, you may want to confine your efforts to the appearance of your kitchen, rather than its internal workings. It really depends, of course, on what level your kitchen is currently functioning at. If your kitchen is already at a place wherein a total renovation is necessary, then you should move forward with that while creating your breakfast nook.

You may want to consider updating your counters, especially if they curve around your DIY kitchen breakfast nook. Having your counters bring together the kitchen and the nook is a great way to create a beautiful, cohesive kitchen. For that matter, you may want to do the same if you have a kitchen island. One of the most popular types of materials for countertops, of course, is marble; which creates a smooth, elegant appearance. If that is a bit too difficult or expensive for you to source, granite is a great alternative. Though keep in mind that you may want to look into “flawed” marble. It still looks great but is often more comparable in pricing to granite than flawless marble is.

5. Make It Functional

You may or may not want to make your DIY kitchen breakfast nook functional, where you can not only eat your meals but furthermore make light meals as well. Of course, if your breakfast nook is a literal part of your kitchen that may not be necessary. But if it’s somewhat separate, perhaps closer to your back deck or another outdoor space, or even a sunroom, you may want to look into whether or not your residential plumbing system will allow you to at least have a sink area connected to your breakfast nook, or perhaps a hot plate or toaster oven. A lot of this will depend, again, on what you actually need out of your breakfast nook. But it’s definitely something that you should consider.

The great thing about having a sink or cooking area is that you can more easily wash dishes by yourself, or get a little bit creative with breakfast. Your breakfast nook can greatly increase the functionality of your breakfast spaces, which is especially useful if you have guests over. If you have a separate guest room or even guest house, a small, functional breakfast nook can make your home much more comfortable for everyone. This would, however, potentially make your project much more complex. A lot of people may want to attempt to explore the inner workings of their homes on their own. Unfortunately, this isn’t very plausible for most, at least not if they want the job to be done correctly. Whenever dealing with something that has to do with your home’s plumbing system or electrical wiring, you need to consult with professional contractors and plumbers. You need to be careful; your breakfast nook needs to accommodate your needs, rather than creating more trouble for you in the long term.

Creating a breakfast nook on your own may be challenging, but it also comes with a lot of rewards. There are so many benefits to adding a breakfast nook to your home. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy breakfast, and you may in fact be a lot more likely to eat this important meal if you have a place to eat it within. However, you’re not the only person who could benefit from your breakfast nook. If you ever plan on selling your home, a lot of people may be more drawn to it based on this unique addition. A breakfast nook could easily be what stands between your home’s success on the housing market, and its failure. Remember, when creating your breakfast nook, that it’s important for you to make a space that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, both pleasing to you and pleasing to others. It can be a difficult balance to strike. But once you do, you’ll be glad that you made the addition.

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